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With it’s traditional woodworking arranged in a modern design style, the cabinet helps you to get your important properties in place.

As a storage case and a furniture that is delicately designed, it would contribute to a more enjoyable lifestyle. 

Tansu is the Japanese term for a cabinet with a small door that is used to store cloths and other accessories.

There are several places in Japan that manufactures tansu. However, among these production origins, Echizen tansu has its own unique craftsmanship that could be traced back to around 1800 A.D.

The unique feature of Echizen Tansu is that the “urushi” (traditional lacquer) technique is used in the process of crafting. By applying urushi to gold and metal, a stylish feeling of massiveness is expressed through the tansu.

Echizen tansu was listed as one of the national crafts in 2013.

Tansu street

Made with traditional techniques, the structure of tansu does not contain any interstices. It is able to effectively protect cloths from humidity and fire.

However, as the world becomes more and more globalized, cheap foreign cabinets that are imported to Japan have posed serious threats to the survival of both the aged craftsmen and the inheritance of their skills.

To deal with such a huge shift in the market, we have decided to take the path of new product designs with traditional craftsmanship. The ultimate goal is to challenge the new market trends as well as nurturing successors of the traditional crafts.

This time, we’ve decided to take a step forward and challenge the market with our new product.

With the traditional tansu craftsmanship, our new tansu could be used as a jewelry box or a wine case. We hope to fulfill the needs of modern lifestyles with traditional craftsmanship.

For the wooden part of the product, we’ve used paulownia wood which has the function of humidity prevention, warmth retainment, and antibacterial properties. The tansu itself is also very light to the extent that even our female customers can easily carry it.

Moreover, our tansu combines the metal technique of Echizen blade with the traditional urushi technique, thus enhances the design elements and the sense of massiveness of the product.

Keep your properties safe with the Japanese traditional craftsmanship that is known for its solidity.

About Furniturehoric

We’ve invited Yuko Yamaguchi, a nationally certified class 1 furniture technician who is known to be a “furnitureholic”, to be in charge of making the product. Yamaguchi has been making furnitures and shop utensils with solid wood. This project was a new challenge for him, and he definitely enjoyed making color cases from scratch.

Yamaguchi has always put the needs of customers in the first place in making products. He pursues long-lasting quality with simplistic designs in everything he makes for his customers.

“My mission is not over after the product has been delivered to the customer. It will only be over when 10 years passes and the customer is still satisfied with the quality product. It will only be over when the product has become a part of the customer’s life.”

Said Yamaguchi.

“I would like to make products that surprise our customers using traditional craftsmanship. It will be a great challenge for me and the entire traditional craft industry in Echizen.”

He is also willing to make changes and take challenges in the new era. We look forward to the new products made by the young tansu craftsmen.


Echizen Tansu Sticker

This sticker with the “Inome pattern” serves as a talisman in the Japanese traditional culture which protects you from evil spirits.

We have two types available for you:
・For Laptop & Smartphone ”Marukan” design
・For Laptop & Smartphone ”Hirute” design

And there are three kinds of colors:

For Laptop & Smartphone ”Marukan” design
For Laptop & Smartphone ”Hirute” design

Metal parts Used in Echizen Tansu (4 pcs)


“Marukan” is the metal parts which are actually used in Echizen tansu.
If you attach it to your furniture, the luxurious feeling will be further increased.

back side

Echizen Tansu Style Photo Frame

Echizen Tansu Style Photo Frame

This photo frame is made of black walnut which has been used for high-class furniture ever since the old days.
The beautiful texture of the frame creates an atmosphere that suits the Echizen tansu very well.
The size of the frame is A5. You can put 2 L size photos into the frame.

Echizen Tansu Wine Case

A wine case with a sense of luxury.
Capable of storing a bottle of standard size wine (750ml)
This is something you would definitely want when preparing a present from someone or bringing a wine to a party.

A total of 4 kinds are prepared by combining the color and design of the metal fittings.

Left : Hirute and Lacquer baking / Right : Hirute and Pink painting
Left : Marukan and Lacquer baking / Right : Marukan and Pink painting
Capable of storing a bottle of standard size wine (750ml)

Echizen Tansu Jewelry Box “Kakesuzuri”

A small jewelry box that has the same model as Echizen tansu.
With its solidity, the jewelry box would be the best protector of your treasures.
We have two types for you to choose: Wiping lacquer and Clear paint.

Left : Wiping lacquer / Right : Clear paint

Workshop Tour

We also invite you to visit the secret workshop of craftsman Yamaguchi.

You can have a glance on the nationally certified skills of the so called “furnitureholic” Yamaguchi only here in Echizen. He will share with you his inspirations of products and his thoughts on the future of Echizen crafts during the tour.

You can also visit the various places in Echizen which are known for giving birth to traditional craftsmanships such as Echizen washi and Echizen cutlery.

Crowd Funding page is here
(Funding period has ended)

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