No electricity is required for our product. You can place it in your toilet, locker, closet, shoes, bag, or anywhere else you would like to deodorize.

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Echizen washi has a long history of usage in Japanese History.
It is known that important historical documents or literature pieces such as “Kojiki”, “Nihon Shoki”, “Genji Monogatari” ,“Makurasoushi” and many buddhist classics were written on Echizen Awashi.
Washi plays an important role in.

However, due to the changes in lifestyles, washi is now disappearing from the daily lives of Japanese people.
Unfortunately, Echizen washi is also not an exception.

To reverse the declining trend of washi’s usage in daily lives, we’ve decided to launch our new washi product, deodorizing washi.

It is a combination of the newest technology and Japan’s traditional craftsmanship.
By merging Echizen washi and natural fibers using hydrogel, we’ve successfully maximized the duration time of the odorizing effect, and made the product 100% capable of being recycled.

Our experimental data has proven that the product has great effects in removing the smells of garbage, used clothes and tobacco smokes.

Furthermore, the great part of this deodorized Japanese paper is that it does not decrease the deodorizing ability even if time passes.

Our product has different sizes and shapes available for you to choose based on your purpose of using it. You conveniently keep it with you at any place, in anytime.

It is also a very delicate decoration in the Kitchen. With its simplistic yet beautiful design, you can place it in any environment.

Our washi products are purely made of natural materials. You do not have to worry about the existence of any chemicals in our product that would potentially harm your child.

Why don’t you try out some Japanese traditions to make your daily lives colorful?

Among the several origins of washi in Japan, Echizen-Shi is known for having more than 1500 years of production history.
The city is widely known for having one of the highest quality in its washi productions.

The crystal clear river water in Echizen-Shi plays a very important role in the birth of washi.
It is also the primary reason to the high quality of Echizen washi.

The only shrine that enshrines the god of washi is also located in Echizen-Shi. 

The scenery of the old streets in Echizen-Shi is also a symbol of its traditions that are inherited from its long cultural history.

About Paper-manufacturing company

Deodorizing washi is successfully developed by Ishikawa Paper-manufacturing company. The company has over 150 years of experience in papermaking.

In 1961, Ishikawa Paper-manufacturing company successfully implemented its paper making techniques into machinery. With industrialized manufacturing procedures, the company launched many washi products in different areas, such as publications, printing and wrapping.


Origami is undoubtedly the most world renowned Japanese paper art.
This time, we present to you our crane origami made of Echizen washi.
Crane symbolizes longevity in the Japanese culture.
With discreetly designed folding lines which are engraved with laser-cutting technology, even beginners can step-by-step learn how to make beautiful origami decorations.

There are two patterns of colors. 


Furthermore, the feathers of the cranes have different patterns which have different meanings in the Japanese traditional culture.


The Shichihou pattern symbolizes the prosperity of your descendants, and the well-being of your human relations. 


The Kikkou pattern symbolizes longevity and good luck. 


The Matsu-no-ha pattern symbolizes inseparable relationships.

Our mesh bags made of Echizen design can effectively deodorize your suits or shoes. Please place your item in the mesh bag in order to get rid of the bad smells.

The A3 or A4 size washi can be customized into many things as you wish. You can paste it in different places just to deodorize the environment, or fold it and make origami out of it.
There are two patterns of colors, White and Beige.
We prepared design that feels Japanese style.


Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan, a symbol of the nation. It was selected to be one of the world heritages in 2013.


Sakura is a kind of flower that represents Japanese culture. It is a tradition in Japan to have picnics which is also known as “Hanami” under Sakura blossoms.

We have washi roll which can be used in many different ways. For those who would like to have a huge amount of washi, we recommend you to buy the roll type. You can also use it as your wallpaper which would contribute to a simplistic design of your house.
There is paste on the back so you can use it as soon as you cut it.

We also provide a tour which allows you to visit Ishikawa Paper-manufacturing company and actually witness the process of washi production. We hope that you can learn more about the manufacture process which comprises of traditional craftsmanship and industrial technology. Also, you can make your own washi in the “Papyrus Stadium” nearby. We are the only place in the world which provides such an unique experience.

There are also many places with rich cultural heritages in Echizen. Please visit them!

1. Please refrain from using the washi products if you are allergic to alizarin.
2. Please make sure washi products don’t go into the mouths of babies and animals.

Crowd Funding page is here
(Funding period has ended)

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