We challenged crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter!

Echizen (Fukui Prefecture) craftsmen who make attractive products suitable for modern rife style, making full use of old tradition techniques will challenge crowd funding!

We will deliver a wide range of products that have tastefully toward the world.

All 5 projects were successful!
Thank you for your support!!

You can view the various projects from the Echizen 5 Traditional Craft Project below.

Support furniture designer Yamaguchi who merges the ornate aesthetics found in traditional Japanese furniture into his modern designs, modern furniture, and brand new wine carrier.

We have been working with a Japanese paper company who developed an anti-odor paper technology.
Please check out a series of products we developed with them!

Swordssmith Sadazane Kawase and knife maker, Ryusen Hamono have collaborated to continue the Samurai sword making techqniues, please support them on their project.

Relax in a new way using our newly designed Echizen pottery tea set with fine Japanese teas from the TEA COMPANY.

We came out with a 16.9oz size for the popular URUSHI MOBILE TUMBLER series!
Check it out below!

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